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QW Express Trade Show Division will supply exhibitors with preprinted airbills and labels to and from Trade Shows.

Helpful hints will be included for shipments out of shows on how to handle paperwork with the contractor and filling out material handling forms.

QW Express' around the clock service provides exhibitors access to shipment status, schedules and last minute shipment ordering, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. A call to our toll free number, (800) 388-4112, puts you in control.


For the ultimate in transportation reliability, QW Express Trade Show Division is the choice. With our network, real time information about the status of your shipment is available. Exhibitors can be sure that all their shipments are monitored from time of pick up through final delivery so that they will be there on time, every time.


With 30 branches, 300 local agents, 6500 carriers and access to more than 20,000 commercial flights daily, QW Express Trade Show Division can effectively meet exhibitor's delivery requirements.

QW Express Levels of Service

QW Express Trade Show Division offers five standard levels of service to meet exhibitor's needs:

  1. Priority Next business day delivery
  2. Second Day Two business day delivery
  3. Deferred Three to five business day delivery
  4. LTL Less than truckload
  5. Truckload


Exhibitors with truckload and LTL needs and those with International air/ocean requirements can also be accommodated at favorable rates.

In addition, QW Express Trade Show Division specializes in solving exhibitor's special request and unique transportation problems.

Regular customers can request a QW Express Trade Show Division survey of their transportation needs and a tariff tailored for their delivery requirements. This will ensure the highest quality, most economical transportation service for their exhibit program.